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High-speed Internet options

The type(s) of high speed Internet service you are able to select depends on a few primary variables:

  1. Your company’s geographic location,
  2. What your building is structurally equipped to handle, and
  3. How much you are willing to pay.
Do I need a static IP address?

Customers who plan to run a server (email or otherwise), will need to look at utilizing at least (1) static IP option. The only way to run reverse DNS is through a static IP address. This device will need to be visible to the modem and will not work behind a router or firewall.

Is artificial intelligence(AI) used to detect cyber attacks, how is its success rate?

Of course AI can be used to detect cyber attacks. There are plenty of academic researches about detecting cyber attacks using artificial intelligence. The success rate of those researches varies between 85% and 99%.

In the last few years, in addition to academic researches, some products have been improved to detect cyber attacks with the help of artificial intelligence like DarkTrace. DarkTrace has more than 99% of success rate and it also has a very low rate of false positives. 

Are there any companies that develop cyber security applications using artificial intelligence?

There are lots of companies that develop cyber security applications by using artificial intelligence. The companies that started early focusing on this domain started worthing more in a very short time. Here are some of the examples,

Darktrace, the company that was founded in 2013, developed a product that does anomaly detection on a network with machine learning. 

In the last few years, with artificial intelligence becoming more popular, there has been a serious increase in the number of startups that focus on cyber security domain. According to CBInsight, in the applications of artificial intelligence cyber security is on the 5th place !!!

What Is Hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system. Businesses love hosted VoIP phone systems because other than the handsets, on-site phone equipment and wiring is not required. The hosted VoIP provider takes care of all the hardware in a secure data center. With hosted VoIP, no one has to wire your office for phones, and you don’t have to worry about on-site maintenance of your phone system.

What Equipment Do I Need for a VoIP Phone System?

The only thing you need is a quality broadband connection and the phone handsets your employees will use. Some providers include cost of the handsets in their flat monthly rate, keeping up-front capital investment to an absolute minimum.